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AGA58-Libreville declaration

2018 Annual Meetings of the Inter-African Coffee Organisation (IACO)
Libreville, Republic of Gabon
The 2018 Annual Meetings of the Inter-African Coffee Organisation, including the Scientific Conference, the 6th African Coffee Symposium and the 58th Annual General Assembly, were held from 20 to 27 November 2018 at Hotel Nomad, Libreville, Republic of Gabon, under the chairmanship of Mr Jean-Marie OGANDAGA, Minister of Economy, Planning and Development Programming, current Chairman of IACO, under the theme "Organisation of the Coffee Sector in Africa for Sustainable and Inclusive Development".
Member States of IACO as well as several Gabonese authorities and representatives of international, regional and sub-regional coffee institutions took part.
The member countries noted the following:
1. Continued decline in coffee prices and its effect on sustainability of sector;
2. The importance of the Continental African Free Trade Area in expanding coffee markets;
3. The continued negative impact of Climate Change on coffee production and Productivity;
After taking cognisant of the foregoing challenges the General Assembly made the following declaration:
To the attention of the International Community:
1. Call upon the International community to participate in the search for solutions to the continuous decline in prices and impact of climate change on coffee production this will help improve the livelihood of coffee producers;
To the attention of Member States:
2. To create an enabling environment within member countries for efficient value chains, value addition and domestic consumption as mitigation measures against price volatility;
3. To support and promote regional and continental coffee trade under the auspices of the Continental Africa Free Trade Area in order to stabilise prices and reduce the potential risks arising from lower international prices for African coffee producers;
4. To provide a continental framework for integration and collaboration in research for addressing climate change impact on coffee production and productivity;
To the attention of IACO Secretariat:
5. Urge the Secretary General to set up effective and efficient mechanism for monitoring and evaluation of progress on the declaration.
Libreville, November 27, 2018