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<p><b>CIRAD :</b> (<u><a href=""></a></u>)</p>

<p><b>IRD :</b> (<u><a href=""></a></u>) institut de recherché pour le développement</p>

<p><b>AFDB (ADB) :</b> (<u><a href=""></a></u>) African development bank</p>

<p><b>CABI AFRICA :</b> (<u><a href=""></a></u>)</p>

<p><b>ASIC :</b> (<u><a href=""></a></u>) Association for Science and Information on Coffee</p>

<p><b>ICO :</b> (<u><a href=""></a></u>) International Coffee Organization</p>

<p><b>ECOWAS :</b> (<u><a href=""></a></u>) Economic Community Of West African States</p>

<p><b>AFCA :</b> (<u><a href=""></a></u>) African Fine Coffees Association</p>

<p><b>ACRAM :</b> l’Agence des Cafés Robustas d’Afrique et de Madagascar</p>

<p><b>CFC :</b> (<u><a href=""></a></u>) Common Fund for Commodities</p>

<p><b>AFREXIMBANK :</b> (;&nbsp; The trade Finance Bank for Africa</p>

<p><b>BADEA :</b> (<u><a href=""></a></u>) Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa</p>