“Focusing on Gender and Youth in Africa’s Coffee Industry"

The Inter-African Coffee Organisation I (IACO) will hold its third Annual African Coffee Symposium from 24th to 25th November 2015, in preparation for its 55th Annual General Assembly to be held in Luanda, Republic of Angola from 23rd to 27th November 2015.The Symposium will bring together key personalities, experts, coffee related researchers and policy makers to discuss the involvement of Gender and Youth in African Coffee Industry.
For this purpose, several presentations are expected on the following issues:

• Coffee Sustainability in Africa : Role of Women and Youth ;

• Improving farm level productivity;

• Brazilian Value Addition Experience and its Relevance to the African Coffee Industry ;

• How Public-Private Partnership could help in the transformation of Africa’s coffee Sector ;

• Mobilisation of Women for value addition in African coffee industry;

• Role of Youth in the transformation of coffee Sector ;

• Review of best practices and Way forwards for Africa.

The Symposium will begin on Tuesday 24th November 2015 and close on Wednesday 25th November 2015. The presenters and panellists will include high level personalities from Africa, as well as major actors from the global Coffee industry.
The Symposium will feature working sessions that will review different aspects of the industry, its impact on Women and Youth and their involvement in the transformation of Africa’s economy.


Frederick KAWUMA