The Festival of Coffee (FESTICOFFEE) held in Yaoundé, Cameroon in April 2015, was aimed at promoting Coffee domestic consumption. IACO, which mission is to study all the problems regarding the African coffee industry, also participated, because of the importance of this commodity in the economies of its Member States.

Therefore, ensuring, in a sustainable manner, balance between supply and demand, and encouraging Coffee domestic consumption is crucial. FESTICOFFE is part of this dynamic current.

Coffee domestic consumption in Africa will therefore positively impact the economies of producing countries. The challenges facing the revival of the African coffee industry are numerous and important, they concern the entire value chain, from production to consumption. The tribune of FESTICOFFE thereby provides to IACO the opportunity to urgently invite all Governments of Member States to take firm commitments contained in the ‘’ Lomé Declaration ‘’. 


Communication and Documentation Departement (CDD)