Magazine African Coffee

Our dear readers,I salute you all in your different r e s p e c t i v e capacities. It is my singular pleasure and opportunity to welcome you to this edition of the African Coffee News. We do apologise for the long absence of a regular publication from IACO, noting that the last IACO Coffee

Bulletin, No. 44 was published in November of 1995. The Africa Coffee News will be

a quarterly publication, aimed at communicating to IACO members, partners and the public

at large, to keep all abreast of the developments in IACO and the

environment within which our industry operates. The Coffee Year 2012/13

commenced with significant changes at IACO, with the election of a new Secretary General in November 2012. The new Secretary General took office in January 2013. The Secretary General would like to draw attention to key issues that IACO will be dealing with, and keep in clear perspective all the interventions that it proposes or supports. Coffee production in Africa is critical to the overall strategy of rural transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Sixty percent of Africa’s population

is rural based, and this is where coffee farming takes place, and is the primary target, and

ultimate beneficiaries of IACO’s interventions.