OUTSPAN/OLAM hands Improved Nurseries to YAOU Producers

As part its National Coffee Nursery Supply to producers in Cote d’Ivoire, OUTSPAN/OLAM handed improved coffee seedlings to the members of Aboisso CENAD, a cooperative of coffee producers, on Saturday, August 15 2015 in YAOU, ABOISSO area. The Inter- African Coffee Organisation (IACO) was represented in this event by Dr.BAYETTA BELLACHEW, Director of Research and Development and, Coordinator of African Coffee Research Network (ACRN).

Besides coffee farmers, the ceremony was attended by the local authorities (Sub-Prefect, the representative of the Regional Council’s Chairman, the Traditional Chiefs), Cote d’Ivoire Cocoa and Coffee Board (CCC), OUTSPAN/OLAM and, obviously IACO.

The ceremony started by a series of speeches, then the delivery of seedlings to farmers, the visit of a nursery site and ended with a planting session on the site.

During his speech, Dr Bayetta, on behalf of IACO and ACRN congratulated OUTSPAN/OLAM for the wonderful job done. He hoped OUTSPAN/OLAM would keep this kind of service up.

According to Dr Bayetta, this approach is like a win-win situation that benefits both the Government and the private sector.For him, it is a perfect business model particularly, for coffee industry and all other private investors involved in the sector. He advised, the other investors operating in the industry to follow similar approach for mutual benefits.

Before concluding his remarks, IACO Director of Research and Development and, African Coffee Research Network Coordinator mentioned that, when OUTSPAN/OLAM first started this seedling production activity, his Organization was the first to be contacted for technical assistance. Indeed, the Inter- African Coffee Organization provided them production manuals and technical advice without reservation.

The visit to the Coffee Nursery Site and the Planting Session, into which IACO actively participated, ended the ceremony in YAOU, ABOISSO area in Cote d’Ivoire.


Dominic Kamanan, DCD-General Secretariat.