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Vacancy Announcement IACO DES

Under the general direction of the Secretary General of the Inter-African Coffee Organisation (IACO) and in liaison with the Coffee Boards/Authorities of IACO Member States as well as the national or sub-regional institutions dealing with the marketing of coffee, the incumbent will serve as a team leader in initiatives to strengthen progress towards implementation of coffee promotion and development programmes in Africa. They include the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN’s Summit on sustainable Development, specifically focusing on actions to be taken to ensure the attainment of the SDGs that relate to coffee, including poverty reduction, gender and youth, agricultural reforms and improvement of livelihoods of poor coffee farmers in Africa.

To achieve IACO’s mission and objectives, the incumbent will have to advise members on defining and carrying out their commercial policies. He will have proven and acquired experience that bring to IACO technical and intellectual input, provide administrative support in the division of Economic Studies at the General Secretariat.

He/she will facilitate and participate in the organisation of IACO’s Annual Meetings, Workshops, Training Trainers (including


The incumbent will have the responsibility to prepare concise reports or papers; carry out appraisals; pre-appraisal and overall project development procedures, leading to approval and funding of projects; and, Depending on the Programme of Work and Budget (PWB), the incumbent shall:

  • Undertake a regular analysis of demand and supply of coffee in the world and its impact on Africa;
  • Prepare regular market analysis reports on the African coffee value chain to inform members and other partners;
  • Closely follow matters of the African coffee value chain and the related coffee policies in IACO member states;
  • Carry out market studies and prepare technical documents for different IACO Committees and on a consultative basis for IACO member Governments;

Maintain close contact with the coffee trade as a function of public relations and consultative contacts with other regional and international agencies with an interest in the African coffee value chain; and Prepare, analyse and evaluate coffee projects.