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The Yaoundé Declaration

56th Inter African Coffee Organization (IACO)
Annual Meetings, 28 November – 3rd December 2016
The Yaoundé Declaration
At the 56th Inter-African Coffee Organisation (IACO) Annual General Assembly (AGA), held from 28th November to 3rd December 2016 in Yaoundé, Cameroon, delegates participated in the Scientific Conference, 4th African Coffee Symposium and the 56th Annual General Assembly, under the theme "Inclusive Value Chain Transformation in the African Coffee Industry."
The Annual Meetings were officially opened by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Cameroon, with the keynote address delivered by Dr. B.O. Oramah, President and Chairman of Afreximbank.
From the reports and papers presented at the Scientific Conference and the Symposium, as well as the resulting recommendations, the General Assembly made the following declaration:
 In view of the importance of the coffee industry in Africa, particularly in terms of direct job creation and the livelihoods of more than twelve million (12 million) households;
 Recognising the need for a Development Facility to boost the coffee industry in Africa;
 Considering the need for African coffee producing countries to develop strategies to reduce poverty, particularly among vulnerable groups and in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals;
 Given the need for African coffee producing countries to work in partnership with various actors to reverse the decline in the African coffee industry; and
 In order to revitalize the industry, to become competitive on the global market and to benefit coffee smallholders with low incomes;
Urgent measures must be taken to unlock the huge potential of the African coffee industry.
Accordingly, the following key actions need to be taken by Governments of Member States:
i. Policy and Governance :
 Strengthen and support the development of Public Private Partnerships;
 Support implementation of a coffee development strategy in each Member State.
ii. Productivity, Production and Quality:
 Build coffee research capacity in Member States;
 Improve productivity, production, quality and added value in a sustainable way;
 Invigorate activity at the Regional Tasting Centres.
iii. Cooperation between Member Countries:
 Sign conventions and agreements between coffee Research Institutes in Member States to exchange technologies and improved planting material.
iv. Funding the Coffee Industry:
 Create an enabling environment to access relevant funding and technology in the coffee value chain ;
 Facilitate the creation or support the improvement of coffee producer organisations;
 Support the African Coffee Facility ;
 Facilitate access to credit for the coffee value chain operators.
v. Domestic Processing and Consumption:
 Explore the possibilities and establish incentives to promote domestic consumption;
 Build infrastructure to support the development of the coffee industry ;
 Support the development of human capital (training, coaching, education, and health);
 Enhance and support efforts in the promotion of domestic coffee consumption.
vi. Gender and Youth:
 Establish incentives to integrate women and youth in order to promote a sustainable coffee value chain.
vii. Community Development:
 Involve communities, coffee producers to better identify their needs ;
 Inform and sensitize communities on the content of different interventions.
Yaoundé, 2nd December 2016