A quick reconnaissance survey of the coffee sector in Togo was conducted from 20 – 23 august 2012. The main objectives were: 1. To assess the status of coffee production and the system of production in Togo, 2. To identify major constraints of coffee production and measures to be taken to address the constraints, and 3. To understand the agro-ecological diversity of the coffee growing areas in Togo for consideration in quality profile mapping project. To achieve these objectives: (a) discussions were held with relevant authorizes in the coffee sector and (2) field visits were made to discuss with the farmers to observe the realities on the ground under farm conditions and collect first hand information. Coffee Stakeholders Visited: 1. Coffee and Cocoa Sector Coordinating Committee (CCFCC) 2. Agronomic Research Institute of Togo (ITRA) 3. Institute of Technical Council and Support (ICAT) 4. Coffee Quality Control Authority (DCMC) 5. Private Coffee ware houses owned by Indian, OLAM and OASIS companies in Lome and Kpalime 6. Coffee and Cocoa Technical Unit (UTCC) 7. Coffee and Cocoa Research Center (CRAF) 8. Federation of the Unions of Coffee and Cocoa Producers of Togo (FUPROCAT)