Some Impressions on the State of Coffee Sector in Ghana (Field Visit Report)

Coffee is an important agricultural commodity, second only to oil in the international trade. About 25 million families supporting over 125 million people in more than 50 developing countries of Africa, Latin America and Asia that produce and sell coffee depend on it as their main source of income. In Africa, about 33 million people directly depend on coffee for their livelihoods and it is the pillar of the national economy contributing over 10% to the export earnings of some 14 African countries. Globally, coffee generates over US$12.44 billion annually to the coffee producing and exporting countries, with a retail values of about US$70 billion. In the 1970s and 1980s, the market share of Africa was about 30% and this has steadily dropped down to about 12% today. From this figures, one can easily estimate how much foreign earnings Africa is annually losing because of the decline of coffee production and export in the region. Ghana is one of the big losers as its annual production has gone down as low as 600 tons despite the enormous potential that the country owes for coffee production.