The initiative for coffee & climate @ COP21 and beyond Note Concept

Who we are and what drives us
The initiative for coffee & climate (c&c)1 is a pre-competitive initiative of leading companies active along the entire coffee value chain. We recognize that the direct and indirect impacts of climate change pose severe and further increasing threats to a commodity in global demand that is also vital for the livelihoods of up to 100 million people in more than 70 tropical developing countries. We also acknowledge that unsustainable land use practices and the conversion of forests for coffee production need to be stopped to avoid generating further anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions from the land use sector and to preserve natural resources in coffee producing regions. Last but not least, given the significance of coffee systems in many tropical landscapes, we are aware of their major potential to contribute to wealth and growth, help mitigate climate change and simultaneously increase the resilience of coffee producers, their families and their communities.