Economic Affairs


In conjunction with coffee authorities in IACO Member States and national or sub-regional organisations involved in coffee marketing, the DAE plays a leadership role in a team associated with initiatives aimed at consolidating coffee promotion and development program implementation in Africa.

These agendas include the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN Summit on Sustainable Development, which focuses specifically on actions to ensure the achievement of the coffee-related SDGs, including poverty reduction, gender and youth, agricultural reforms, and improving the livelihoods of impoverished farmers in Africa.


In order to achieve the mission and objectives set by IACO, the DEA is responsible for advising members on the definition and implementation of their trade policies. He has a wealth of experience that provides IACO with strong technical and intellectual support and provides administrative support to the Economic Affairs Division of the General Secretariat. It facilitates and participates in the organisation of IACO annual meetings, workshops and training of trainers.


The Director of Economic Affairs is an elected member of IACO’s professional category, together with the Secretary General and the Director of Research and Development. His primary duties are as follows:

  • Analyses on a regular basis the demand and supply of coffee in the world and its impact on Africa;
  • Monitors African coffee value chains and coffee-related policies in IACO Member States;
  • Conducts market studies and prepares technical documents for the various IACO committees and for the authorities of member countries in an advisory capacity;
  • Liaises with coffee professionals and other regional and international agencies;
  • Develops, analyses and evaluates coffee projects;
  • Contributes to the development of databases on the coffee economy;
  • Advises Member States on the formulation of policies for the development of the coffee industry;
  • Coordinates and supervises regional development projects (industrialisation, innovation, value-added, sales, etc.);
  • Leads the various coffee development projects, approved by the General Assembly.