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Activities of ACRN

Groupe Reca

A propos du RECA

<div>All the constraints have contributed to reduced coffee production,productivity and quality in Africa. Therefore, there was need to establish a network tofacilitate and enhance the capacity to research institutions, improve on resource manpower and effectively disseminate appropriate technologies or information to the coffee stakeholders.</div>

<div>On 27th March 1993, ACRN was established at the headquarters of ICO in London at a constituent assembly. Its statutes have been deposited with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), in Addis Ababa.</div>

<div>3. Membership</div>

<div>Any IACO member state may become automatically a member of the Network. Meanwhile,any recognised, regional or international coffee research organisation may be consideredd for associate membership.</div>

<div>At present, they are five(5) members specialised in aras that assist the Network attain its objectives : CIRAD, 2477 Avenue du Val de Mont ferrand, BP 5035 F - 34032 Montpellier Cedex 1 - France. CIFC, instituto de Investigaçao Cieentifica Tropical, Cenrodas Ferrugens do Cafeeiro, Quinta do Marques, 2780 Obeiras Portugaland ORSTOM,911, Avenue Agropolis,BP 5045, 34032 Montpellier Cedex 1, France.</div>

<div>In November 1998, the ACRN General Assembly accepte the membership of NESTLE, Research and Development Centre, 01 BP 501 Abidjan 01, Côte d'Ivoire and CCRI (Central Coffee Research Institute),Coffee Research Station - Coffee Reseeach Station - 57 177, Chikmagalur District, Karnataka, India.</div>

The latest studies

Bayetta Bellachew (PhD) Director of Research and Development and African Coffee Research Network (ARN)Coordinator Inter African Coffee Organization (IACO) 23 August, 2012
Koffi Kouamé Edgard, Director of Economics Studies, IACO