Technical specifications for the purchase of five Coffee Espresso Machines and 5 Coffee Grinders under IACO-ICO-GIZ project

I. Context and justification of the work
The Inter-African Coffee Organisation (IACO) aims to transform the African coffee sector into
“a modernized, competitive and sustainable coffee industry, which emphasizes quality and
productivity, and which benefits all actors in the sector”.
Within the overarching vision of transforming the African coffee sector, IACO is partnering
with the International Coffee Organization (ICO) in the development and implementation of
the ICO’s Coffee Public Private Task Force (CPPTF). A pivotal focus area within this initiative
is the enhancement of domestic coffee consumption in Africa.
In alignment with this objective, and under the project titled “Facilitating the Implementation
of the Living Prosperous Income (LPI) Commitments,” funded by GIZ, IACO is strategically
planning the procurement of five coffee espresso machines and five coffee grinders. These
resources are intended to provide substantial support to member countries in their respective
endeavors to promote and boost domestic coffee consumption across the African continent.
The machines will have the following technical specifications.

Model: 2-group
Quantity: 5 machines
Technical specifications:
Specifications 2grp
Height (cm/in) 45,5 / 18
Width (cm/in) 69 / 28
Depth (cm/in) 56 / 22
Weight (kg/lbs) 51 / 112,4
Voltage (VAC)
200 single / 3 phase
220 single / 3 phase
380 3 phase
Wattage Elements 3600
Optional Wattage Elements 4600
Coffee boiler (L) 3,4
Steam boiler (L) 7

Quantity: 5 grinders
Technical specifications:
Optimized grinder for the barista, Black or white
• 61 mm flat burrs that grind 18 grams of coffee in 10 seconds
• with a short Mazzer hopper that holds 1.3 lbs.
• 18.25 inches tall

The quotations for both the machines and grinders must not include taxes as IACO
is exonerated from taxes.

The quotation must also show the guaranty period of the machines and the package
service accompanying the machine (including installation, training)


The proforma invoice must be submitted by mail (electronic version) or a hard copy by hand

in a sealed envelope addressed to: The Secretary General, Inter-African Coffee

Organisation (IACO), Immeuble CAISTAB, 3rd Floor, Plateau, Abidjan and [email protected]

org No later than 3.00pm on January 26, 2024.

N.B: The invoice should also indicate the maximum period (days) of delivering the goods

after receiving the notification of winning the tender.